The Reverse A.R.K. is the same concept as the Active Response Karambit. The difference is the inward facing blade. This is often referred to as Pakal. Both the A.R.K. and Rerverse A.R.K. were designed to be a back up knife, held in hand, while using a firearm, be it pistol long gun. The unqiue shape of the handle creates tension between the fingers, keeping the knife secure and in place. This allows you to focus on the primary task at hand, operating your firearm.  Because the tension keeps the knife secure in your hand, it gives you the ability to use the hand with the knife still in it to perform most tasks, reloadds, open pockets, doors, pick things up from the floor and the knife stays secure the entire time. There are other knives on the market that claim this feature, however, when tested, they all require you to focus your attention on the knife to maintain it's position safely in the hand.


This is my first production knife. It is currently produced by Artisan Cutlery in China. This is a company I do design work for. The steel is 8cr17Mov. Overall length is 5.5" with a blade length from tip to finger notch of 1.5".


Kydex sheath and training blade included. Training blade will fit in the supplied sheath.

Reverse A.R.K.