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Currently, I am designing for two companies, Kizer Cutlery and Artisan Cutlery.

With Kizer I have 9 active designs and two in prototype stage. The prototypes are the Shard and the Inversion. Hope to see these in 2020. The active designs are the Nomad, the Rogue, the Escort, Lancer, Little River Bowie, with the FireAnt the most recent addition this year. In Kizers entry level line called Tangram, I have the Orion, the Progression and the Brevis. 

With Artisan, I currently have 1 active design and 1 in prototype stage. The prototype design is called the Reliant and I am hoping to see it by the end of this year. Although, most likely it will be early 2020. The current active design is the Proponent. This design has become quite popular in a short period of time. It is produced in a large and small titanium framelock and then in a liner lock version with g10, carbon fiber and brass handles.


All of these knives are available through most on line knife dealers. The exception is the Tangram line from Kizer. The Tangram knives are only available on Links to the Tangram line can be found in my Store.

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