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Kizer's Variable Claw is my latest collaboration with them. The Variable series is a small neck knife that utilizes a finger hole as part of the handle. This finger hole provides a secure grip that keeps your hand safe during cutting tasks. There are many knives out there that utilize a finger hole. The difference between theirs and mine is the centrally oriented handle. This design gives the user any grip option, left or right hand, forward or reverse grip, even a "push" dagger grip. You can even choke up on the blade, as you would with a chefs knife, for finer, more controlled cutting. The Claw brings an added dimension with its curved blade. A very effective self defense/back up knife. The curved blade allows for devastating cuts to create space and get to your primary self defense tool or get away from the threat. The other unique feature to many of my Claw blades is the tip is in line with the axis of the knife. This gives the ability to throught effectively  and get the claw deeper into the target.


This Claw comes with a black  PVD coating, black micarta handles and 154cm stainless for rust resistance when carryoing close to the body.

Kizer, Variable Claw

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